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A friend of mine gave me this idea to list all the healthier options of where to eat when on the go. I find this to be a huge challenge, and I know I’ve been stuck countless times out and about, starving, and not knowing where to eat. I find that’s when we are most vulnerable, and end up eating the worst foods.

As my friend noted, most people think a Tim’s bagel is a healthy option. Sadly it is not. It’s devoid of any sort of nutrition, will drain you of energy, and cause inflammation. Yes, I know, a seemingly innocent bagel can do all that (and don’t fool yourselves into thinking the whole grain variety is any better). I know for me there is absolutely nothing to eat at Timmy’s – it’s all filled with gluten, bad fats, and sugars. Again, eating there once in a blue moon is perfectly fine – I always like to preach ‘Everything in moderation’, it’s just bad making a habit out of it. Sadly bad food is so readily available to us. But if you look hard enough, you’ll realize there are plenty of healthy options as well.

Some healthier eateries:

Lettuce Eatery/Freshii – these have been popping up everywhere now. Yes, they are pricier than eating at most fast food places, but we must keep in mind the point of eating – to nourish our bodies. People forget this and will eat only for the sake of fulfilling hunger pangs. In that case it’s ok to eat at most fast food places. But for a little bit more money, why not feed your body some decent food? Some of the best things to eat there include their brown rice bowls (ask for the sauce on the side so you can control the amount you pour on), big salads (be sure to include some beans, avocado, lots of veggies, and again, ask for the dressing on the side). I personally stay away from the wraps since they are made of wheat (which contain gluten, which is very inflammatory), but having a wrap from there is still better than going to other fast food joints.

Sandwich Box – again, similar idea to Freshii, I’d go for the salads and fill up on beans and avocado’s (they are more filling, and incredibly good for you), and of course, lots o’veggies!

Japanese/Sushi Restaurants – veggie rolls (my personal favorite is the avocado roll) as well as sushi (raw fish) are excellent choices. Some places now have a brown rice option which rocks! Other great choices: miso soup and seaweed salad. Traditionally, soba noodles are made of buckwheat, however, buckwheat flour is pricier, so I find many places use soba noodles made of wheat or mostly wheat with some buckwheat. Find out first if the soba are 100% buckwheat. If so, make sure to order some! I’d avoid the tempura, and if ordering anything with teriyaki sauce, I’d ask for the sauce on the side and use in moderation – it is really high in sugar, and most conventional soy sauces contain wheat gluten.

Thai Restaurants: Thai curries are probably one of the healthier meals to order: Green is usually the spiciest, Red is more like medium, and Yellow is more mild. I personally love red Thai curry. Most noodle dishes are safe at Thai restaurants since they are made of rice – Pad Thai for example uses rice noodles. I just find the sauce is a little too sweet (thereby high in sugar)

Noah’s – I personally wouldn’t recommend buying supplements from here (really overpriced) but the Noah’s on Bloor and Spadina has a mini café, really reasonably priced and filled with healthy options. The other Noah’s don’t have a cafe, but there are still lots of healthy foods you can grab there – all sorts of gluten free and low sugar treats, and a wide range of healthy bars.

The Big Carrot (348 Danforth Avenue) – They are also quite pricey when it comes to supplements and groceries. They too have a café inside, however, it is much pricier than the café found at Noah’s. The food is delicious, healthy and there are a ton of choices. When stuck, I would recommend splurging because the food is really good!

Kensington Market – possibly the best place to be when hunger strikes. So many good options –

Hibiscus (238 Augusta Ave) offers delicious soup and salad combos for a great price (and the salads are fantastic, ranging from chickpea salad, to quinoa salad, to an assortment of veggies). It may look like a hole-in-the-wall, but don’t let that discourage you from eating here.

King’s Café (192 Augusta Ave) a great place for vegans and vegetarians who miss their meat, or meat eaters who want a healthier alternative to meat. They have all sorts of interesting mock-meat dishes that taste great. The only thing is that a lot of mock-meat is made of gluten. I still love this place, but I don’t order the mock-meat as much anymore. Either way they still have many great options on their menu, and it’s a great looking restaurant!

Essence of Life (50 Kensington Ave) and Tutti Frutti (64 Kensington Ave) – two of my favorite health food stores. The supplements are really reasonably priced, and they have all sorts of great healthy grocery items, as well as snacks and bars.

Camros (25 Hayden Street, Yonge & Bloor) –  Their motto is “Taste & Health In Every Wholesome Meal”, and they are organic. I finally had a chance to eat here, and it was fantastic! The food is fresh, tasty, and healthy. Everyday they have different items to choose from. And it’s not overly pricey, you can get a two-item combo for $7.99 or three-item combo for $10.79. If you’re ever in the Yonge and Bloor area, be sure to pop in! Oh – and they serve alkalized reverse osmosis water for free! Awesome!

Live Organic Food Bar (264 Dupont st. North East corner of Dupont and Spadina) – I’ve mentioned this incredible restaurant in some of my other posts. It is by far my favorite place to eat in the city. They feature both raw and cooked meals, are organic, and so delicious. The prices are really reasonable considering the great effort put into making the meals, and organic is almost always pricier. It is amazing what they can do without cooking their food – this place is a must try! Some of my personal favorites are: the raw tacos, the raw Reuben sandwich, the raw nacho appetizer, and the raw hemp bruschetta. For cooked foods, the rejuvenation bowl is the way to go! Mmm

I realized I’ll have to do a part two of this post, since it’s hard to fit in ALL the healthy options of eating out in Toronto. But that’s the great part about this city, it is filled with great eating options. My list here is just a start. So next time you’re caught off guard with no food on hand and hunger slowly coming on, try one of the places I’ve mentioned here!


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