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One of my greatest pleasures is going to my local Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning. I love the vibe there, the fresh local produce, all the neat products, and of course sampling all the delicious foods. I’m lucky I live a 10 minute walk from The Stop’s Green Barn Farmers’ Market (located in between Christie & Wychood, off St Clair).

There are farmers markets located throughout the city, most open all year round. Here is a list of all the Toronto Markets: http://tfmn.ca/?page_id=2

Of course Spring and Summer are the best times to visit, since they are brimming with so much fresh local fruits and veggies. I love trying interesting vegetables that aren’t even available at the supermarket. Most of the produce is organic, or at the very least they follow sustainable growing practices, and are low-spray or pesticide free. So it’s not only good for your health, but for the environment as well! You can taste the difference. Supermarket produce can take up to two weeks to travel from farm to store, even in the summer. And most supermarket fruits are picked pre-maturely, not being allowed to ripen naturally. Thereby the nutritional content and flavour really suffer. There are also so many other awesome products besides fruits and veggies. Hugh and I love buying local raw honey (way better than the pasteurized crap sold at supermarkets), raw local hemp seeds, raw cacao (super healthy and delicious), and homemade fresh pickles.

Some other reasons to love and support Framers’ Markets:

  • More money is spent in the local economy
  • They cut out the middleman, putting more money in the farmers’ pockets
  • They help reduce food miles, vehicle pollution, and fossil fuel use.
  • They help to reduce packaging.
  • You get fresh, healthy produce usually at competitive prices.
  • You get to meet the farmer who grew your food

What can be better? And for meat eaters, the Farmers’ Market is the best place to purchase meat. The prices tend to be similar to regular meat purchased at supermarkets. However, the animals are treated humanely, are not injected with hormones and antibiotics, and are a whole lot more nutritious than their supermarket counterparts.

Gotta love Farmers’ Markets!


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