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Milk Facts


The milk of every species of mammal is unique and specifically tailored to the requirements of that animal. Cow milk is simply is not designed for humans.

– Mother’s milk has six to ten times as much of the essential fatty acids as cow’s milk  (Incidentally, skimmed cow’s milk has no essential fatty acids).

– Milk is also very deficient in iron.

– Synthetic vitamin D, known to be toxic to the liver, is added to replace the natural vitamin D complex not found in pasteurized milk.

– Cows’ milk is rich in phosphorous, which combines with calcium – and prevents the absorption of the calcium in milk. The milk protein also accelerates calcium excretion from the blood through the kidneys. Therefore excessive amounts of dairy products actually interfere with calcium absorption.

– The countries with the highest intake of dairy products are invariably the countries with the most osteoporosis. Several billion humans live on this earth that have never seen cows’ milk. They have far less incidents of osteoporosis than that seen in the countries where dairy products are commonly consumed. Most of the people on this planet live very healthfully without cows’ milk.

– Where do you get your calcium? From exactly the same place the cows get their calcium, from green things that grow in the ground, mainly from leafy green vegetables. Other sources are raw almonds & sesame seeds, tofu, beans, and sea vegetables (aka seaweed). There are also adequate amounts of calcium in a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, such as oranges and broccoli. A great milk substitute for those who love their cereal is almond milk!

– Dairy products may play a major role in the development of allergies, asthma, sleep difficulties, and migraine headaches. Dairy products are also the leading cause of food allergy. Many cases of asthma and sinus infections can either be relieved or eliminated by cutting out dairy.

– Eighty percent of milk protein is casein. Casein triggers histamine production, which in turn, triggers mucus production, lots of mucus. Casein is also a tenacious glue. The furniture in your home is held together by this powerful glue.

– Fifty years ago an average cow produced 2,000 pounds of milk per year. Today the top producers give 50,000 pounds! How was this accomplished? Drugs, antibiotics, hormones, forced feeding plans and specialized breeding. Lactating mammals excrete toxins through their milk. This includes antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and hormones.

– Cows are constantly getting infections around the udder (from over milking) that requires ointments and antibiotics. If the cow has mastitis (infected udders), there is pus in the milk. There is over a 50% chance of pus being found in most of the milk consumed.

– About 80 percent of cows that are giving milk are pregnant and are throwing off hormones continuously, which all get passed down to us through the milk.

– Studies suggests a strong link between milk consumption and acne. Many doctors observed that their acne patients improved as soon as the milk drinking stopped.

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